EcoLogic Family


CTC EcoLogic Family advantages:

  • Six systems operations to choose from
  • Controls up to 2 CTC heat pump products
  • 4.3 inch colour touch screen
  • Automatically manages the use of different heat sources, including log burners, solar thermal, wood pellet boilers, oil and gas boilers.
  • Can be complemented with SMS function, controlled and readoff using a mobile phone
  • Can be controlled by a master system with the CTC BMS/Internet accessory

CTC EcoLogic PRO is a unique control system that monitors and regulates CTC’s heat pumps, solar panels, additional heat, buffer tanks, pools, cooling systems etc…..

The CTC EcoLogic PRO is a mini BMS control that manages and monitors multiple heat inputs and can also control and monitor the operation of up to ten air and ground source heat pumps. There are six different system set ups to choose from to suit the majority of heating systems for commercial, domestic and DHW water heating systems. The intelligent control is able to manage different heat sources with different tariff levels, from free solar thermal to high cost oil boilers, using the most cost affective when it becomes available. Controlling up to 4 different heating zones with independant weather compensation temperature control. The 6 differnet systems allow for various heat control measures such as degree minute heat re-plenishment, and time temperature replenishment.

The CTC EcoLogic PRO has a large and visible 4.3 inch colour touch screen. You can read operating data, long-term values and your own settings in simple and understandable way. You can also log

operating data and update software via USB. The CTC EcoLogic PRO has unusually logical accessories, it can be controlled via SMS or connected to the master system via CTC BMS/ Internet. Another smart accessory is the wireless room sensor that can be easily placed wherever you want it!

The CTC EcoLogic PRO is supplied with a wall fastener, 5 m cable, room sensor, outdoor and primary flow sensor. CTC EcoLogic PRO – the logical and obvious choice!

CTC EcoLogic PRO The logical control system for CTC heat pumps. An automatic, reliable and easy-to-operate control system for CTC heat pumps with existing boilers, storage tanks or connected directly to heating systems.

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