CTC -UK EcoHeat 406 Ground Source Heat Pump


Key features

• Record mode: 5.04 in COP (efficiency)

• Up to 80% lower heating costs

• Meets BBR rules

• Colour touch screen

• With Energy Flex – total flexibility to connect to other heat sources

EcoHeat 406 is the new generation of ground source heat pump, which has achieved our highest performance COP 5.04. The touch screen has clear symbols with English text that makes it easy to adjust the heating and hot water or to retrieve information about thesystem operation. Included in this control package is an integrated internet or mobile network that allows you monitor and control your heating remotely.

The EcoHeat 406 has a number of new components and controls including our newly developed refrigerant circuit, highly efficient compressor and variable flow control which incorporates a speed-control low-energy pump. The compressor and refrigeration components are now sealed in a separate, sound insulated unit. This provides a dramatic reduction in the sound output. The compressor unit can be easily removed for easy installation and speedy maintenance. The collector circuit can be easily connected to the right, left or on the back of the heat pump using the supplied flexible hoses. A new engineering design enables us to increase the heat pump hot water production. This solution gives the user, legionella protection for hot water production and a higher capacity DHW with lower storage volume. This innovative solution produces hot water as and when it is used. Energy Flex gives you the freedom to include other energy sources such as solar heating or biomass. You can even control your pool heating. At CTC, we have developed a proprietary technology that provides much more even heat without temperature swinging up and down. Radiators and underfl oor heating will always get the right temperature thanks to temperature control mixing valve. Wireless room sensors are available as an exceptionally wise accessory.

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