CTC UK EcoPart 417 Ground Source Heat Pump


Key features

• Available in our sizes: 6, 8,

10, 12, 14 and 17kW

• Equipped with a builtin control system for solid condensation / accumulator charging

• The solution for installations in an area with low ceiling height

• For better efficiency, economy and longer life time the CTC EcoPart is equipped with a patented intercooler

• Suitable for single and two pipe system, convectors, radiators, and under floor heating

• Silent-running

• Built-in soft starter

CTC EcoPart range of ground source heat pumps offer an extremely efficient solution for space heating and hot water generation. CTC EcoPart heat pumps work by absorbing and moving the energy from the ground, borehole or water source and amplifying the temperature by compression, for use in the home or offi ce. The heat pumps are highly effi cient, as 75% of its output energy is sourced from theexternal environment and only 25% comes from the direct power supply. This can offer consumers impressive output energy performance, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 75%.

The CTC EcoPart heat pump has been established over 20 years and widely used throughout the Nordic and Scandinavian regions. The units house a patented intercooler, designed to maximize energy absorption during colder temperatures. They also contain many more unique features to ensure it is highly energy effi ciency and maintains high performance throughout the entire year.

The CTC EcoPart range works in conjunction with a CTC EcoLogic controller that has multiple system programs, allowing you to incorporate many different functions and heat inputs. CTC EcoPart can also be connected to the CTC EcoEl multi zone, weather compensated thermal store and the award winning EcoZenith i550 unique all-in-one thermal store with an integral intelligent control system.

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