CTC – UK EcoWater Hot Water Heat Pump


Key Features

  • D-Tube safety condenser precludes pollution of domestic water with refrigerant and oil – Heat pump heats water tank through externally mounted coil preventing both calcification and risk of water contamination
  • Heat coil for alternative operation
  • With duct connections
  • Adjustable air quantity
  • 258 liters enamelled steel tank equipped with a magnesium sacrificial anode. The controller monitors the sacrifi cial anode and warns when it requires changing
  • PUR – hard foam insulation
  • Electronic control unit for setting the operating temperature
  • Working pressure 10 bar
  • Legionella function
  • The cooling effect generated when the product is in operation can be distributed to other rooms via air ducts.

CTC EcoWater is an Air source heat pump developed for the production of domestic hot water. The heat pump relies on the energy in the air to produce the hot water. It houses some unique controls for use with boilers and solar thermal panels for additional heat input, and an in-build legionella function.

The EcoWater is one of the most efficient water heater heat pumps in Europe and lends itself to a variety of installation options and configurations. It has the capacity to produce 800 litres within a 24 hr period, and heat to a temperature of 52.5° on the heat pump. The energy saving potential of the EcoWater is up to 65%. Ducted connections to the heat pump ensure heat is taken for the desired location without removing heat where it needed.

Its size ensures that there is enough volume to allow ample supply for all users. Its high quality construction givespiece of mind to the consumer. Install locations from a boiler room, garage, airing cupboard, loft space, utility room/space server rooms office wash rooms and kitchens.

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