CTC EcoEl 1550 Multipurpose Thermal Store


Key features:

  • Output up to 12 kW
  • Energy efficient operation all the year round
  • User-friendly control system with a well-arranged display
  • Designed for hydraulic top connection
  • Solar thermal or wood/pellet burner connectivity
  • The internal mixing valve automatically provides a uniform and pleasant heating
  • Equipped with load governor and current sensor
  • Prepared for the connection to the outdoor heat pump CTC EcoAir or the CTC EcoPart for bedrock-, ground- or lake-heating

CTC EcoEl is a system integrated thermal store cylinder with heater control. This powerful unit allows you to control your heat source directly from the appliance. The unit is fitted with its own 12kW back up heater (BUH) to ensure provisions are made for additional heat requirements in extreme weather conditions and short periods of high heat or hot water demand.

The CTC EcoEl controller gives added comfort control by regulating the flow temperature, from the cylinder into the heating system, through a weather compensated mixing valve. The internal cylinder has a split level stratification baffle that compartmentalizes the cylinder in order to deliver 2 temperature zones. The top level is heated to a high temperature for DHW delivery and additional heating support when the external temperatures begin to drop. The bottom compartment of the cylinder stores cooler water for use in heating circuits. This allows the heat to be evenly distributed via the mixing valve and ensures the heat pump is not cycling on and off, as the temperature fluctuates when distributing its heat. This increases the performance of the heat pump through uniformed heat generation and reduces additional ware and fatigue on the units’ component parts, prolonging its lifespan.

The DHW is delivered through an internal 2 stage coil that instantaneously heats the mains water supply through it. This allows the occupier to deliver hot water directly to their taps, reducing the need to store large volumes of hot water. The 2 stage finned coil also eradicates the need for legionella protection, as the water within the cylinder can be delivered straight to the tap and not stored within the lower temperature compartment of the cylinder.

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