CTC – UK EcoZenith 510



  • Can be connect to wood, pellet and Solar heating systems
  • Optimises compressor running to acheive high efficency
  • 90mm of polyurethane insulation to minimise standing heat loss
  • Compact design
  • Multiple applications to support energy flex
  • Efficient operation

EcoZenith 510 is a specifically designed heating buffer to work with the CTC Energy Flex system. This simple unit offers an extra 500L storage capaciity for the EcoZenith I550 Pro. this allows for additional heat stroage from multiple heat sources, such as solar Thermal and biomass heat. When applied the CTC load system is able to charge and withdrawl heat from the 510 when it is required.

To facilitate installation the 510 cylinder is delivered with separately packed insulation. The cylinders are only 1700 mm high and can therefore be placed in rooms with limited ceiling height. They fit through a standard 760 door width when the insulation is removed.

The CTC EcoZenith 510 is well insulated with 90 mm moulded polyurethane. In comparison to mineral wool insulation which would require up to 160 mm to acheive the same reduction in heat loss.

The CTC EcoZenith 510 is equipped with numerous connections which assist not only in the installation and operation of the unit but also provide opportunities to easily expand the system in the future.

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