CTC – UK EcoZenith i250 pro


Key Features:

  • Inteligent multi-energy thermal store
  • Compact hot water and heating storage
  • Large hot water delivery from a compact store
  • Connection to Air and ground source heat pump
  • Weather compensation control
  • Solar ready
  • Wood burner ready
  • Back up boiler control
  • 2 heating zone control
  • Pool heating control
  • comfort cooling control
  • easy to install
  • 4.3 inch touch screen
  • Optimises seasonal COP

CTC EcoZenith i250 is an evolution of our CTC EcoEl workhorse –Sweden’s best-selling electric boiler, which is now more efficient,has a new fresh design, and is equipped with touchscreen Control.

The 4.3-inch colour touchscreen has clear symbols with easily understandable text, making it easy to adjust the heat and hot water or to retrieve a variety of information about the operation. New design CTC EcoZenith i250 has a new white design. We have equipped the product with a wall cabinet that is available in three heights. A cabinet of 146 mm is standard. Wall cabinets can be combined for a neat and attractive installation.

Start now. Supplement later Start with CTC EcoZenith i250, the flexible system tank with up to 15 kW power input and built-in heat pump control. Then complete with a CTC EcoPart 406-410 for rock, soil and lake heat or a CTC EcoAir 406-410 for air/ water to get a complete heat pump installation. Lots of fresh hot water A new technical design means that we have increased the hot water capacity. With CTC EcoZenith i250, we guarantee legionella-free hot water.

Our solution produces hot water as it is needed. Fits multiple systems CTC EcoZenith i250 is suitable for different heating systems: one-and two-pipe systems for radiators and convectors, as well as for floor heating. With the shunt group 2 accessory, you can control two different heating systems. Cooling with a cool accessory Now you can also get cool in summer, supplement with CTC Comfort (passive cooling unit in combination with CTC EcoPart) which uses the borehole’s cool temperature for pleasant cool air. Even temperature without noise At CTC, we have chosen a proprietary technology that provides much more even heat. Radiators and floor heating are always at the right temperature thanks to the automatic shunt.

Since the temperature is constant, you gain an even warmth throughout the home. A difficult problem for many manufacturers Freedom that doesn’t cost extra. Energyflex gives you the freedom to supplement with other energy sources. Thanks to two ingenious connections, you can supplement with solar heat, or have a water-jacketed stove provide warmth. Connect a pool so you can also enjoy the warmth in summer.

CTC has developed the industry We develop all of our heat pumps in Ljungby, Sweden. The roots go back to 1923 when we began to heat Swedish homes. We were the first with heating boilers with built-in hot water heating and we were one of the first to introduce heat pumps for air/water. It is therefore no exaggeration to say that we have developed the industry.

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