CTC – UK EcoZenith i550 pro


Key features

  • An intelligent multi-energy control thermal store
  • Solar ready upto 10kW input
  • Wood burner/stove ready
  • Log burner ready
  • Ground and Air source heat pump ready (up to 3 units)
  • Designed for integration into all common heating systems
  • Provides hot water and heating from a single unit
  • Produces up to 40 l/min of DHW safe from Legionella
  • Secondary return connection for DHW circuit
  • Extra hot water and control function
  • Anti-Legionella protection controller
  • Back heating controller for gas, oil, electric boilers
  • Controls swimming pool heating
  • Controls up to 3 weather compensated heating zones
  • Built in electric back up heaters
  • 90 mm of polyurethane insulation to minimise heat loss
  • Optional remote monitoring and control over the Internet
  • Tariff control for all heat inputs
  • Available in Single and three phase

The CTC EcoZenith is an all in one intelligent energy hub and control centre. The EcoZenith i550 Pro which is part of the EnergyFlex family offers a truly unique and efficient solution to your total heat and hot water requirements.

The CTC EcoZenith will actively manage multiple heat sources, as well as controlling up to 3 independent weather compensated heating zones. The intelligent control automatically match the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient heat source with the heating demand of the property. To ensure energy security, the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro is fitted with multi-stage immersion heaters, providing an alternative backup when required.

Hot water is easy for the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro,The upper tank can deliver up to 300 liters of hot water at a maximum flow rate of 40 litres per minute at 43 degrees; it is also capable of providing 600 litres of 40 °C water at a flow rate of 22 litres per minute. The CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro comes complete with multiple generously sized connections, which assist not only with the installation and operation, but provide opportunities to easily expand the system in the future.

All–in-one thermal store with intelligent control The CTC EcoZenith is the natural addition to any heating system, providing the intelligent ‘energy hub’ that is necessary to fully integrate todays` mix of both renewable and non-renewable heat sources, ensuring comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency for the home or business owner.

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