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Energyproof as been in existence since 2009 to service requirement for renewable energy technologies in Ireland. Expertise was already established in designing solutions by utilising renewable technologies as well as building services prior to that date. Energyproof focus is to build on experience of Swedish company CTC by using their products which are designed for energy efficient buildings.

Many years experience in renewable technologies

The driving force behind Energyproof is Maurice Falvey, a mechanical engineer, with many years experience in renewable technologies and attended and completed European certified passive designer’s course to enhance understanding of building concept and further training in renewable energy’s abroad in Germany, Denmark, Sweden over the years.

Passive House Association of Ireland


A member of the Passive House Association of Ireland

The Passive House Association of Ireland (PHAI) is a catalyst for the increased awareness of the opportunities and benefits of low energy design based on the Passive House Principles, across the Irish construction industry as a whole. Passive House Design is seen as a specifically proven successful way of designing such buildings.

The Mission Statement of the PHAI is: “to promote, educate, facilitate and develop a strong identity, understanding and demand for the passive house concept.”

Certified passive house

Maurice has gained extensive knowledge in passive house construction and low energy building in Ireland and completed first installation in a certified passive house in Kerry with running cost of €270 per year.

Besides this, he has completed many such installations since that time, including a number of commercial projects, namely €4.7m Wetland Centre in Tralee and residential nursing homes.

Professional member of Engineers Ireland MIEI


Passive houses and low-energy buildings

Energyproof offers mechanical systems, solutions and designs to passive house and low-energy designed buildings, whilst working with Passive House Designers/Consultants, Architects, technologies, home builders and self-builders.

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