Flat Plate Collector

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CTC solar collectors are European made by premier manufacturers and are supplied in CTC designed packages, making it easy to select the right solar equipment for your CTC product. CTC EcoSol echoes the high quality of all other CTC products, features leading edge technology and is attractively designed. CTC EcoSol can raise the temperature in a borehole of a geothermal heat pump; can charge stored water in EcoHeat or EcoEl systems – benefiting both hot water and heating services. By using solar energy for heating and hot water, EcoSol will extend compressor life. What’s more, CTC EcoSol is also ideal for wood or pellet boiler systems – with accumulator tank – to provide low cost heating over much of the year. CTC Plan K423 DH measuring 2.3 m² with an annual output of 955* kWh/panel. Through their unique design, the solar collectors can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

The solar collectors are only 95 mm high and consist of a powder coated insulated aluminium frame and toughened glass. A highly efficient absorber with 95 % absorption capacity is placed beneath the glass. The absorber contains copper tubing where the heat transfer fluid circulates. The copper tubing is laser welded inside the absorber with 1300 welds/m, ensuring maximum temperature resistance. The solar collectors are easy to install using the fixing kits for different roof types

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